Welcome to Rosemarie Escort

My name is Rosemarie and I offer you a very personal and exclusive escort and escort service in London. I also can travel to other major cities in UK.

I would be very happy if you forgot for a moment "space and time". Just turn off for a moment and browse through my pages. They should give you some information about me and my characteristics. Maybe I am stimulating your imagination and making you dream?

I have made it my philosophy to change the "head-driven" gentleman and stressed businessman to other thoughts and let him forget the hectic everyday life, at least for a nice and exciting time together.

If I have made you curious I wish you enjoy browsing ;-)

Your Rosemary

More About Me

I am a very fun-loving person and I find it exciting and exciting to meet nice people. My hometown is the city of Brighton, beautifully situated on the coast of English Channel.

I master the best manners and move my style on every floor. I like to visit with you also musicals and theatrical performances.

The stylish gentleman can throw all his worries overboard with me. The cup of coffee in the hotel lobby, a drink at the bar or a dinner in the restaurant. From the first minute I abduct him from everyday worries. Of course I kidnap him on a journey of sensual pleasures.

I love the erotic and above all the sensuality...

Look into my blue eyes and discover the deep look of languishing sensuality. Embark with me in the depths of eroticism and let your imagination run wild.

Yes, you have found "YOU" ... the lady of your trust!